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Apps for entrepreneurship

Whitelabel Platforms

Codificar has complete solutions on its white-label platforms, perfect for creating applications like Uber, iFood, AirBnb and Netflix. Discover our main products and create the next success in the digital world.

Mobility Application

Hitchhiking platform and app, urban transport, racing.

Marketplace app

Marketplace platform and app, register local businesses to sell digitally!

Application Delivery

Local delivery platform and app with motorcycle couriers, bicycles and others

Streaming Application

Streaming platform and app, stream movies and series to your audience!

Application services

Platform and app to provide services, electrician, manicure, etc.

Application Shipping

Long distance and interstate freight charter platform and app

Services that

We offer

Application Development

The Application Economy has its definition in the extensive use of mobile devices by the population and the proliferation of mobile applications as a means of interaction between companies and consumers ...

Software Development

At Codificar, based in Belo Horizonte, we have been working with software development since 2007 and we have the necessary skills to deliver the best solution for our customers ...

Portals Development

Since its foundation in 2007, Codificar works with the creation of dynamic websites and portals ...

Creating mockups

Application development has many steps, and Codificar is available to assist in all of them. Discover our Mockup Creation service:

Requirements analysis and engineering

When you are going to build a house, you should start with the plan, right? The blueprint is nothing more than a project of how your home will look. This is the role of Requirements Analysis in the development of your platform.

Virtual Reality Development

Virtual Reality is a futuristic technology that is already within reach. Together with an incredible team of developers, Codificar works with the creation of environments and applications in Virtual and Augmented Reality.