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The Application Economy has its definition in the extensive use of mobile devices by the population and the proliferation of mobile applications as a means of interaction between companies and consumers, or between companies and their employees, partners and suppliers. Such a movement is natural and inevitable, it is bigger than organizations, and it is radically changing the way we do business and relate. The Application Economy will assume prominent positions and will have a long-lasting business for those who notice and join the Application Economy more quickly.

Understanding this, Codificar entered the application development market since 2011, using all the expertise of its software factory.

Interesting and well-developed mockups

What we do

The development of successful applications goes through several phases, one of which is the creation of mockups. In order to bring the best designs to life, you need a prepared team with a great knowledge of the market.

Popular applications are the result of usability and development that thinks about the customer first. This is what you find in the mockup creation service from Codificar. We are here to ensure that all steps of your application development are well organized and executed.

If you want to create interesting and well-developed mockups, you are in the right place.

What we deliver in creating mockups

How we do

Creating mockups is essential to visualize the design of your application even before the development stage. When hiring the Codificar Mockup Creation service, you are guaranteed the following deliveries:

Codificar mockup creation team has knowledge of the application market and best practices. We follow all the customer's wishes, while suggesting and creating new ways to develop joint ideas.

All successful apps need incredible design and user-focused usability. That's what you get when creating mockups with the Codificar team.

When creating an app, you need to make sure that what your customers will see will impress them. The first step of this journey is in the creation of mockups, which starts the process of building the perfect layout for your platform.

When you hire the Mockup Creation service from Codificar, you will receive exactly what you need, with assertiveness and good practices. Together we will understand the right path for a platform that achieves great results.

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The best technology with the best practices

Developing with the code

We think all the time with the customer for the customer

We have sought since the beginning of the creation process, to immerse ourselves in the initial idea brought by our client and to develop it in a structured and gradual way. Through periodic meetings with the client, we raise not only his need, but we do our homework to look for what this client also needs in order to add maximum value to the project.

We use the best project management practices

In our application factory, best project management practices, from RUP to SCRUM, in the most adherent way to each project. We are very concerned with the monitoring of the project by our customers and we provide online tools so that the visibility of tasks is always monitored. Status Reports’s in-person or online are performed periodically throughout the project lifecycle.

We help companies, organizations and entrepreneurs to create the best mobile experience for their audience

We go beyond the development of the application with good management practices, punctuality and practicality. In each project carried out we seek to understand the target audience that will use the APP, what their explicit and implicit needs are so as to work all usability with a focus on this range of people, customers, employees. We also research the external or internal market of our client and what the benefits that the application will bring, be it through a successful business model for entrepreneurs, reducing costs and risks within the organization or improving and automating the processes of management.

We are practical, punctual and pragmatic

We like the practicality of the solutions, so that it is always as objective and simple as possible. We will always use the best tool for your project, we kill ants with “petelecos” and monsters with cannonballs. With the use of best project management practices, we were able to be on time and deliver projects on time.

That's what I'm looking for!

The main benefits of creating mockups

Mockups in the application world

Why create mockups?

  • Test your app design before development;

  • Rethink the functions required for your platform;

  • Have insights on the market in which you will enter;

  • Create concept pieces to convince and impress investors;

  • Understand more about your performance.

Why create mockups?

  • Create a flawless design for your application;
  • Have an even more interesting final version;
  • Leverage the platform’s functionality;
  • Perform the development step with more assertiveness;
  • Get professional tips and inputs.
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