Software development

We live in the application economy

Who we are

At Codificar, based in Belo Horizonte, we have been working with software development since 2007 and we have the necessary skills to deliver the best solution for our customers.

Throughout our existence, we have served more than 900 clients and produced several successful cases.

On-demand software and applications

What we do

We create software and web applications with the best interface for the end user, following the best  project management practices.


On-demand system development.

Survey of functional and non-functional requirements with all stakeholders.

Cloud software creation with distributed architecture.

We are not limited to technologies, we just use them as tools, we develop in .NET, Java, Ruby, PHP ...

Quality outsourcing and a team prepared for the management and execution of the most varied projects.

That's what I'm looking for!

The application development journey

How we do

1. Idealization

You bring your idea of ​​software to Codificar, and together we understand your purpose.

2. Documentation

We do the Requirements Analysis and document your project.

3. Prototype

We started software development and created a functional prototype.

4. Tests

We do all necessary tests to ensure the software works correctly.

5. Final version & publication

After testing and approval, we create the final version of your software and deliver a fully functional and optimized version.

6. Maintenance & evolution

We always remain available for the maintenance and evolution of your software.

The best technology with the best practices

Developing with the codificar

We believe that information technology is one of the crucial factors for the evolution of society, human relations, business and the state. So we develop simple, well designed and friendly WEB software for those who use them.

We have sought since the beginning of the creation process, to immerse ourselves in the initial idea brought by our client and to develop it in a structured and gradual way. Through periodic meetings with the client, we raise not only his need, but we do our homework to look for what this client also needs in order to add maximum value to the project.

We like the practicality of the solutions, so that it is always as objective and simple as possible. We will always use the best tool for your project, we kill ants with “petelecos” and monsters with cannonballs. With the use of best project management practices, we were able to be on time and deliver projects on time.

In our software factory we apply the best project management practices, with an emphasis on PMBoK and Scrum, respecting the size and particularities of each project. Communication with the client is a key factor for the success of a project, so that we establish a very close monitoring with the use of online tools so that each part of the work can be properly monitored by everyone involved. We also provide project progress reports periodically throughout the project life cycle.

We go beyond software development with good management practices, punctuality and practicality. In each project carried out we seek to understand the target audience that will use the software, what their explicit and implicit needs are so as to work all the usability of the system with a focus on this range of people, customers and employees. We also research the external or internal market of our client and what the benefits that the software will bring, be it through a successful business model for entrepreneurs, reduction of costs and risks within the organization or the improvement and automation of the processes of management.

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