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The Uber Business Model is perfect for you who want to have a successful product.

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Discover the main benefits of the Uber for X model

Uber business model

When introduced to the market, Uber was the forerunner of a new way of looking at the collaborative economy. The provision of services between people has become the target of thousands of entrepreneurs who understand the importance of the evolution of the economy. The term “Uber for X” reflects the idea that the Uber business model can be adapted for various purposes.

So, if you have innovative ideas, they can fit into a business model with proven success;

Understand how the Uber for X model can transform to meet the needs of various markets.

Know the main functions of an Uber for X

The best of the Uber business model

Uber for X takes advantage of a business model with proven success, which can be leveraged for various niche markets. Among the main features are:


The Uber business model has a practical platform as its main tool. With just a few clicks, you can request the desired service, without bureaucracy, and with the guarantee of a job well done. As an entrepreneur, you can take your business to your customers in a practical way.


As a P2P business platform, the Uber model generates opportunities for everyone around you. As providers, the platforms that benefit from this business model allow people to offer and contract services. It is a way of boosting trade between consumers.


The geolocation technology present in platforms like Uber is responsible for connecting people based on proximity. Thus, you get access to the best services in the vicinity. This reduces the waiting time, and guarantees the satisfaction of those who use them.


The Uber business model has proven itself worldwide success. In addition to expanding to several countries, he inspired several companies within the shared economy. Therefore, the growth power of an enterprise that has the main characteristics of Uber is remarkable.

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Uber's top tools for X

The applications bring together all the main tools for their users to use their service. All practicality in the palm of your hand.

Your Uber for X can count on a complete user portal to offer all the best tools to its users. In addition, you can use it as a powerful marketing tool.

Your Uber for X has a management platform that offers you complete control of your business. Have easy access to reports and management tools important to your evolution.

How your product is created

The development of an application with Codificar

1. Idealization

2. Documentation

3. Prototype

4. Tests

5. Final version

6. Publication

Discover all forms of investment in an Uber for X

New ventures with the Uber business model

The Uber business model is adaptable and flexible. Therefore, there are many ways to apply this model in the current market. odificar, focused on producing creative and useful solutions, relied on the expertise of its software factory to develop the following Uber model applications:

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